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Pigs ideal pets

In the time of our ancestors people used to live surrounded by pigs. They ate our left-overs and we used their feces to fertilize the kitchen garden with the right minerals in order to let our plants flourish. When winter was coming, the pig was slaughtered en it provided us, humans, with pork, fats and many other products for human consumption. We knew what we ate and the butchered kettle had a perfectly fine life. People lived in harmony with their surroundings. The Family pig restores this cycle. We farm just like we used to do it in the past. Farmer and consumer can keep pigs and eat meat in good consciousness.

nature booster for innovation

If you ask us, nature is the most developed and efficient system there is. This sounds odd coming from a hightech agricultural business, however we believe that nature provides us with the right guidelines for different forms of pig farming. Listening to nature is key in order to keep feeding the world. Globalization is a world wide phenomena. The migration of people towards urban areas result the creation of regions with over 30-120 million inhabitants. The Netherlands and the Ruhrgebied is and example of such a region. Due to this form of migration the middle class in these urban areas get bigger and bigger. This growth in metropolitan areas goes hand in hand with new and higher demands among the middle class concerning food safety, food quality, animal protection and especially sustainability.

natural behavior of pigs at the basis of a radical new piggery

We asked ourselves a question; what is it that a pig wants? researchers and studies at Wageningen University helped us in finding the answer.
Did you know that pigs are…
  • Intelligent

  • Resourceful

  • Trackers

  • Social

  • Shadow animals

  • Potty trained

  • Sensitive

  • Communicative

A happy pig. From inspiring idea to defiant innovation.


Rooting makes pigs happy. They love doing things together and like to work hard for their food. That is why in our farm the food rains down on the sand that the pigs live on. The constant search for food causes the pigs to never get bored and therefor remain friendly for each other. During rooting the pigs produce saliva which gives them a satisfied feeling. After all the hard work of that day the ‘family pigs’ snuggle up and relax together, how cozy!

pig toilet

Pigs are very neat. That is why we train them to go to the toilet. Not just any toilet but our very own Pig-Toilet. Our farm features two different types of toilets. One for urinating and one for defecating. Because of the separation of urine and poo we prevent the forming of ammonia and our sand floor remains neat. This reduces a tremendous amount of stress among the pigs and creates a healthy working environment for our employees. No ammonia is also nice for the neighbors and surroundings of the Family-Pig farm.

free birthing within the group

Pigs like to build their own nest. That is why we provide them with straw and other materials for them so that they can build their own nest. In our farm the Family pigs give birth in small groups of 4. The mothers support each other, breastfeed simultaneously and teach the piglets all sorts of things, even if the other mother isn’t paying attention. In other words they raise their piglets together. This way the piglets are taught how to root, eat and go to the toilet. All from each other and in a playful manner.

Family Pig farmhouse designed to prevent stress

Our farm features more than 1.050 m2 of pure pig happiness for 48 sows and their offspring. The toilet prevents ammonia, the climate system provides cool air during hot days, the search for food in the sand prevents the animals from getting bored and is goot for all sorts of stomach and intestinal flora. Happy pigs are more resistant to diseases resulting in happy and strong Family pigs and… a lot of joyfully wagging curly tails.

modular and sustainable building

More quality for the animals without having to add unnecessary costs to the building, that is our challenge. Together with architects and clever constructors we have developed a modular building system. It is quick efficient and scalable so that it is available for more farmers, retailers and consumers wo are just as enthusiastic about the Family Pigs as we are.

May 2019 living lab at farmer Ivo

It all sounds wonderful in theory, but now it is time to prove it. That is why we have firstly build a test version. This is a place where we can experiment, learn and improve. The first generation of Family pigs are showing us that it works. They are busy rooting, have great interaction with each other and are fit and healthy. This all shows us that they are really enjoying themselves. The soon to be installed and tested urinal and poopoir will need to prevent the pigs from urinating and defecating all over the place.

made possible by

In our opinion, there is no better developed and more efficient system than nature. That sounds strange for a hi-tech agricultural company, but we think nature provides more than enough guidelines for a radically different form of pig farming. So we started there. At the beginning. A happy pig. And we asked ourselves the question: what does a pig want? Studies and studies at Wageningen University have shown that pigs are naturally potty trained, so never eat or drink where faeces lie. That is why pigs were one of the first animals that humans wanted in their home.

Family Pig seeks farmer

As ‘pig country’ the Netherlands is one of worldwide market leaders. This makes us proud! That is why we keep on innovating. For the future of the Pigs and for a fair price. We are expecting the improved 2.0 version of the Family-Pig farm to be ready at the end of 2020. We would really like to get in touch with enthusiastic Family-Pig farmers who are willing to work along side with us in order to create a sustainable and permanent form of pig farming.


investing in Family Pig

Our ambition is to break through the ’sustainablility paradox’: A Profitable piggery where accessible quality, animal wellbeing, food safety and harmony with the environs go hand in hand. The Family-Pig supply products and services to the Family-Pig farmer. The Family-Pig proposition includes among other things the supplying of further developments from turn key Family-Pig farms, the Family-Pig data cloud and the sales of the Family-Pig pork in out of home and retail channels. Interested investors can contact us

Family Pig meat

Would you like to taste how good our pork tastes? For the gastronomers among us we have put together a variety of boxes, just for regular cooking in the kitchen or delicious meat for on the Grill. For now our Family-Pig pork will only be available for purchase on our webshop. We encourage you to have a look and let us know what box you would like to buy.

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